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A Modern 3D Artist/Designer

I am a 3D designer/Editor/Animator based in the beautiful city of Dubai in Middle East. i belong to the 3D design & Sculpting background from the past 10 years. Very much passionate about what i do, so i enjoy doing it & make time for unique projects. Helps me to challenge myself & grow as a professional, & get to know some awesome people. I had worked on a number of 3D projects during my career for brands like Huawei, Head & Shoulders , The Dubai Mall commercials, Footway Shoe-wear. From designing & 3D printing missing bones of skeletons kept in museum to Sculpting a human bust, i was fortunate enough to work on a variety of design projects.


Finding Inspiration for my work

Being an artist, I look for inspiration around me everywhere in my everyday life & i try to express emotions through it. 3DPrintingGeek is born out of a combination of my 3d design background & my love for this amazing technology of 3D Printing, which allows me to bring my digital 3d designs into the real world, in my own hands in reality.I try not to follow a specific trend & design almost anything that i find interesting & which i feel challenges my skills & help me to learn new techniques along the way.

Looking forward to working with you..!!

"If a picture is worth a thousand words... A prototype is worth a thousand pictures"


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