3D Printable Hanging Lamp

3D Printable Hanging Lamp


This is a 3D printable 4D design of a Hanging Lamp. It prints flat on the print bed with zero supports & folds into a dodecahedron shaped lamp with a 40mm whole at the top to add any standard bulb holder which you can find in any hardware store easily. I salvaged the bulb holder from a lamp which was laying around my home for this project. There is enough distance between the lamp body & the bulb, which avoids contact between them, leaving aside any chance of melting the plastic.The bulb i used is a "PHILIPS 11W 220-240V-50-60 Hz". It is the perfect choice for this model due to its moderate voltage which avoids any chance of overheating or melting of the lamp.


Print settings:

** Layer Height : 0.2mm 

** Top Solid : 8 / Bottom Solid : 3 / Outline : 3

** inFill Percentage : 20% 

** Raft : OK / Brim : NO / Support : NO

Size of the model(XYZ)mm: 287 x 250 x 10
Average print time required : 12 hours (6hrs per piece)
Filament length : 3176 mm (317cm)
Filament weight : 105g (0.23 lb)