Boo Cat in Pumpkin Jail

Boo Cat in Pumpkin Jail


This is my second version of my previous model & this time the Boo Cat is Trapped inside an Evil Pumpkin Jail. The model can be used also as an organizer. You can say its multi-purpose even after the Halloween fever is over. Its a cute little model that can be even printed big enough to place a real bird inside it & can be used as a Cage :D . If you dont wana trap a bird inside it, you can use it as a bird feeder or a planter. Maybe as a chocolate/Candy holder for your Halloween party. The uses can be endless , depending on what you want to use it for. If you do end up using it as a cage for a real bird, make sure to keep the cap glued to the body of the pumpkin , so that the bird does not escape :D

Print it at a layer height of 0.2mm, Orange PLA filament, 3 outer perimeters, 30% inFill, 4 bottom layers & 8 Top layers. Print time for a 100% scale will be approximately 15 hours.

You can enable supports everywhere on the model & it will be a piece of cake to remove them after the print. Removing supports is not even going to be an issue at all :)


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Happy 3D Printing..!!