Crowman Mask

Crowman Mask


Its Halloween season once again & everyone is busy deciding what is gonna be there Halloween costume this year. I didn't want to go with the stuff available to buy from a local shop & wanted something different. So I decided to design my own Crowman mask, or as many people might call it, a Doctor Plague mask to 3D print it myself. I designed it in ZBrush 4r8 & 3D printed it on my Tevo Tornado 3D Printer using PLA filaments & later spray painted it using a black Matt finish color. The Mask is definitely gonna make you look super cool wearing it with some kind of a long hoody jacket or even a leather jacket. I had provided cuts on each side of the mask at the back to insert an elastic or a ribbon, literally anything available or makes you feel comfortable using to wear the mask. 


I had included a tutorial video with all the settings I used to 3d print the mask along with the STL file in a zip folder which you get once you download the model. 


Simplify3D Print Settings:-

** Layer Height : 0.2mm 

** Top Solid : 8 / Bottom Solid : 5 / Outline : 3

** inFill Percentage : 20% 

** Raft : OK / Brim : NO / Support : YES (everywhere)

Size of the model(XYZ)mm: 225 x 279 x 324
Average print time required : 52 hours
Filament length : 2854 mm (285cm)
Filament weight : 858g (1.89 lb)