Skull Lamp

Skull Lamp


3D Print your own Skull Hanging Lamp for this Halloween. I am sure you must have seen many DIY skull decor ideas before, but not sure if you came across something like this before, a hanging skull Lamp to make your Halloween a bit different. Imagine how cool it would look if you 3D print many of these & hang them with different color bulbs in them. I am already planning to print a few more of these Skull lamps & use them to make my Halloween more creepy 💀


I 3D printed this Skull Lamp on my Tevo Tornado 3D Printer with a cheap blue color PLA filament. Sliced the model in Simplify3D with the settings mentioned below.

** Layer height: 0.2mm
** 3 outer perimeters
** 15% grid inFill
** Supports : Yes
** Raft : yes
** Brim : No

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