Truck Holder/Toy

Truck Holder/Toy


I wanted to design something fun. Something that can be used as a Toy for kids, & can even be used to organize the mess on table. 


Presenting you my “Truck holder” model, which is definitely going to bring a smile on your child’s face. The model is made up of 14 separate pieces with built in joints to connect all the pieces without the use of glue or any other method. The tolerance is strong enough to make the separate pieces stick together without the use of any adhesive. You don’t need supports anywhere to print this model, except the rear wheel shade, everything else is designed under 45 degrees overhang. 


Simplify3D Print Settings:

** Extruder : Nozzle Diameter : 0.4mm / Retraction Distance : 6.9mm


** Layer Height : 0.1mm, 0.2mm / Top Solid : 8 / Bottom Solid : 3 / Outline : 3


** inFill Percentage : 13% 


** Raft : OK / Brim : NO / Support : NO (only at the rear wheel shade. Check attached image)


Model details:

Size of the model(XYZ)mm: 230 x 205 x 93

Average print time required : 26 hours 19 min

Filament length : 1436 mm

Filament weight : 431g (0.95 lb)