Future Of 3D Printing Technology In Dubai

This is my first blog post & as I had lived all my life in Dubai, I had to talk about this topic. Dubai had been playing a major role now in Innovation & 3d printing in the past couple of years. In fact, you can notice the existence of many new 3d printing companies around Dubai. Am sure you must have heard of the World's first 3d printed Office that was also built right here in Dubai back in 2016.

In addition to all of it, The Dubai government launched a unique initiative called the ‘Dubai 3D Printing Strategy', it aims to use 3d printing technology to serve the medical industry as well as promote Dubai as a leading 3d printing hub. Not only it is going to bring this city into the limelight, but it will also help reduce cost in the medical and construction sectors as well.

Our imagination is the only limit, with what is possible using this technology. There is a lot that has been already achieved, & the possibilities are just endless. Big names like General Motors had already stepped into the world of 3D printing by making custom 3d printed parts for there vehicles & I feel, it will be something that might soon strike in the mind of some big automobile companies based here in Dubai to do the same.

This I think is a very clever move though, to be ahead of there counterparts & make 3d printing a part of there cars manufacturing process. It also makes more sense, as 3d printed parts are really lite in weight, which means the vehicle will be more fuel-efficient. This technology is so powerful, that it continues to find a place not only in the world of industrial manufacturing but it also has a huge impact on the medical industry. People can now get custom-made prosthetic arms & legs. Nike & Adidas are using 3d printing technology for making custom shoes for there clients. As they say, Forget shopping, soon we will be able to download our clothes & just print them on our 3d printers.

Looking at the current rate at which Dubai is getting involved into using 3D printing technology in its various forms & sectors, I think Dubai will be at the forefront when it comes to making the most use of this technology. In 2025 alone, based on Dubai Municipality's regulations, every new building in Dubai will be 25% 3D printed; and this move will start from 2019 onwards, starting at a rate of 2%, with a gradual increase to the strategic goal.

Dubai Health Authority wants to set the standards high enough before they can use 3d printing technology into the health & medical sector, and they are willing to explore the use of 3D printed prosthetic limbs, 3D printed teeth, and 3D printed hearing aids in public clinics and hospitals soon. I would like to mention that, Dubai has been promoting innovation a lot in the past few years & this city had always been in the news for doing things differently. So I don't think it will be overkill if I expect Dubai to have the tallest 3d printed tower in the next 5 to 10 years.